About Us

What is GT Industries LLC About?

Our company is about car culture and community. Our dream is to allow every individual some level of access to the world of car culture! If your passion is Classics, Exotics, Racing, Car Shows, Road Rally, Drag Racing, or anything in between. We will have something for you to enjoy!
So what do we want to be?

Simply put...we want to provide our customers with the best automotive experience they will ever have!

We want to turn dreams into a reality! We offer services to all levels of car fanatic.

Driving Experiences

An opportunity to experience high level sports cars without the burden of ownership!

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Classic and Exotic Car Storage and Care
Let us help you protect our valuable investment! Store your prized possesion in our secure indoor car storage facility. We can keep it clean and ready to go at a moments notice! We can also pick up and deliver your car with our custom car hauler!

Car Club/ Meeting Place/ Lounge
Join our car club! Gain access to our member only facilities. Stop by after work and enjoy the game or race on any of our big screen T.V.'s. Participate in any number of club sponsored events including: Road Rally's and Trips, 1/4 Mile, 1/2 Mile and 1 Mile Events, Exclusive Track Days, Car Shows and more! You can even suggest events and offer to host! Share your passion with the group, Sky Diving, Karting, Scuba Diving, Biking, Climbing. You will get out what you put in!

Car Care and Cleaning
We offer car care and cleaning services our facility. Members can also schedule the use of our facilities to clean and perform minor repairs and alterations at our shop. This is on a reservation basis and is to be provided as a convienence to our members. These are limited to small tasks that can be performed in less than 1 day.

Our Core Values
  • Community - There's a reason we put this one on top. We have a strong belief that any business should contribute to the local community. We will strive to support local business' and hire from the local community thereby strengthening the local economy.
  • Honesty - We will operate an honest, ethical business. We understand the value of a great reputation. We know the importance of the satisfaction of each of our customers and we'll work tirelessly to uphold that. We also know that unforeseen events come up; vehicles break down, employees get sick. When they do, we will keep you informed and do what it takes to make it right.
  • Charity - We want to support schools, hospitals and community centers.
  • Fun - We're in this business because of our love for cars. We are car people and we want to be around people that share our passion. Seeing your reaction to driving these cars is what we live for!
  • Value - We can provide value by providing access to cars that may be out of reach for the average person. You shouldn't have to be wealthy to experience high end sports cars. We want to give you the best value and variety for your money.
  • Transparency - We are who we are. We are a family owned business. We are not owned by a big corporation. We are just regular people who want to make a living doing something we truly enjoy; what you see is what you get!
The GT Industries LLC Team

Bobby & Stacey Sato

Latest News
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Our Partners
We are looking forward to creating partnerships with both local area businesses and global businesses.

Our History

GT Industries LLC started as an idea around October, 2012. We started the company in January of 2014. We are a family owned and operated company. 

Introducing the GT Industries LLC's first two driving experiences, the Nissan GT-R Test Drive and GT-R Sprint.

The Nissan GT-R Test DriveGet behind the wheel of one of today's quickest Supercars!  The GT-R is an automotive icon designed to easily outperform the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche 911 Turbo, just to name a few! 

The Nissan GT-R Sprint
:  A fast-paced autocross type event that tests your skills behind the wheel of one of Japan's most coveted super cars. Test yourself while you drive along with one of our experienced instructors as they help you explore the incredible handling of the car. Push it to the limit as you get more comfortable maneuvering through 3 laps of our specially designed course.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our company history. Please feel free to email us, if you have any comments or even suggestions at info@gtidriving.com.  

GT Industries LLC
"Driving Excitement"