GT-R Sprint

$199* | 3 lap drive
$35  |  1 lap ride-along

You will drive along with one of our experienced instructors as they help you explore the incredible handling of the car. Push it to the limit as you get more comfortable maneuvering through 3 laps of our course. Come find out what it feels like to drive a 530hp supercar! Our autocross course is designed with fun and excitement in mind - there are enough twists and turns to keep you focused and enough open pavement to keep your heart racing!

Think of it like the ultimate roller coaster ride only you are in control! You’ll leave with a smile, photographs of your experience and one less item on your automotive bucket list!

 *Discounts available - Call (801)244-2657 to book your day and time!  Be sure 
to ask about our group discounts too!

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GTR Side First things first!

You'll start your experience with
a safety briefing and an overview
of the vehicle.   

Our professional instructor will walk
you through the rules of the course; 
the safety and performance
features of the car.
Start Your Engines!

With you in the drivers seat, one of 
our instructors will make a final safety 
check - a little instruction on getting
the car into gear and shifting gears.
GTR Back
GT-R Sprint Ready...Steady...

Let's have some fun!

You will begin
the first of 3 laps around
our course. 
You will accelerate, brake and
turn as
you push the car and your abilities.
It's more than just getting
point A to point B;
don't forget
to enjoy the

Doesn't matter if your male or female
young or old. These are memories 
that will last a lifetime!

So treat yourself;come escape the
everyday grind...we know you won't regret it!
GTR Combo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GT-R Sprint?

The GT-R Sprint is a super car "autocross" driving experience. You'll have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an actual, in-the-flesh, supercar and drive it for several laps around an autocross style course.

Where exactly will I be driving?

The GT-R Sprint takes place on a specially designed autocross course that we construct at various venues across the western United States. For a current listing of available locations, dates, and time, please visit our EVENTS page.

How long is the track? How long am I driving?

Our autocross courses vary by location but are generally just under a mile long. Between registration, training, driving and photo pick-up, you can expect to be at the event for approximately 1 hour. The actual driving time on the course will depend on your style and can take 3 - 5 minutes to complete.

Do I need to know how to drive stick?

Not at all.The GT-R is equipped with "tiptronic"-style semi-automatic transmission, so you'll be able to drive like a pro no matter what.

How old do I have to be to drive?

All drivers must 18 or older to participate in the GT-R Sprint.

I'm under 18! What now?

No worries! If you're under 18, you can still participate in the GT-R Sprint as a ride-along passenger. One of our professional instructors can pilot the vehicle around the autocross course and put just as big of a smile on your face!

Can a friend ride along with me?

Passengers are not permitted on the GT-R Sprint. Our professional instructors sit in the passenger seat while you drive.

Do I need any special type of insurance to participate?

No special insurance is required. However, you are required to have full coverage personal insurance (comprehensive, collision, and liability) on a personal vehicle in order to participate as a driver. No insurance is required to be a passenger.

Are there size/weight requirements to participate?

We do not have size restrictions for the GT-R Sprint. Children riding along with our professional driver need to be large enough to sit in an adult seat with no modifications or adjustments to the seat (i.e. no booster seats). Adults of all sizes should have no issues getting behind the wheel; however, we are unable to say with certainty whether you'll be 100% comfortable until you get seated.

How can I record my GT-R Sprint experience?

GT Industries will have a professional photographer on-site to capture the experience.

Can I give this as a gift to someone?

Absolutely! Just give us a call at (801) 244-2657 or email at We can get you a gift certificate for that lucky driver (or rider)!

Sounds great! What next?

All you have to do now is call and sign up - see ya soon!